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Nobody told us: The path divides, and divides again, in many directions…How many ways can gender expression multiply—between home and work, at the computer and when you kiss someone, in your dreams and when you walk down the street? No one asked us: What is your dream of who you want to be?”  Minnie Bruce Pratt




As a butch I have great admiration for femmes. I don’t know how it must feel to be a political femme in this heterosexist normalized society, but I know you have to be incredibly strong to do that. Vanessa Shanti Fernando wrote this great blogpiece about queer women of colour and the femme identity. And Jack Tar 207, the fantastic fashion style blog from LK Weiss, focused on breaking down the notion that fashion models have to fit the narrow, familiar ideal of conventional beauty, is honoring femmes with this blogpiece: 50 Fierce Femmes. Just wow! So many powerful women. I’m so glad to see them in the spotlight, because they also pave the way for many other queer women who don’t want to conform and who seek their own way out of the binary. We love them!