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Hannah Höch was one of the only women in the Berlin based Dada group. She was also a feminist.
The Dadaist movement was formed during and in negative response to the First World War. Later Dadaists found a post war basis in Berlin and the movement become explicitly political, critiquing modern culture in terms of bourgeois art, politics and religion. Dadaist artworks often employed mundane objects to create sculptures, collages, posters and photo-montages. Such materials, when out of context, as reflected in Höch’s artworks, enhanced ideas of the absurdity of contemporary life.

hannah hoch modenschau
Höch’s pioneering use of photo-montage in her artworks, often typifies her Dadaist/feminist stance. The artist often focused  on gender construction and limited roles for women.

In ‘The Beautiful Girl’, the artist confronts societal values by reflecting the state of modernity, while (in ironic opposition to the title) conveying the grotesque implications of an ‘automated femininity’. This was a…

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