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Dressing queer in the workplace: dare to subvert

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Carolyn Wysinger takes us on a journey into the corporate workplace, where as the ‘first boi in’ her inventive transgression of gender dress codes also means getting used to ‘the daily stares, the interested glances of some and the disdain of others.’

carolyncnmI’ve heard it said that lesbian femme women come out everyday. This is in reference to them having to constantly inform people that they are in fact lesbians. “But you don’t look gay” is a common response. And this is the point at which the woman in question might roll her eyes and say/think “And what the hell does gay look like?”

In my experience Masculine of Center  (MoC) women have their own version of coming out everyday, particularly at work. Such was the case when I started working for a company that I will call Gender Trouble Inc.

Think of GT Inc as your run-of the-mill corporate office. It’s a large corporation with many different…

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