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I like Karen Ingala Smith. I like her anger, her activism and her writing. This post is great. I couldn’t agree more. Nothing will ever change it people keep defending the systematic violence against women and girls with saying there is also violence against men and that we should not judge all men the same. If men don’t take a stand against this violence, an active stand, they are guilty. Women who diminish men’s violence are just too sad for words and solid evidence that patriarchy works.

Karen Ingala Smith

Anybody pushing a ‘gender neutral’ approach to domestic – or sexual – violence is just a male violence enabler.

Men (mostly, but yes, some women too) don’t seem to like it when we talk about men’s violence against women.  The responses are nothing new and as yet never original,  so, as a result, I’ve written this to save me the bother of repeating the same thing over and over again because I am not going to stop talking about men’s violence against women and I don’t suppose men are going to stop finding that objectionable.  If I have sent you a link to this piece, it’s because

a) you have suggested that I don’t care about male victims

b) you refuse to accept than the extent of differences between men’s and women’s use of violence or the effects of that violence

c) you’re interpreting what I say as ‘all men…

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