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I found this powerfull poem on Inkanyiso.org…


So you stare at me with lust, disgust and all the isms you have

What! Say it and be brave enough to say it my face

I see you are not sure what to say now

Because I can look you in the eye and tell you

I have always been here.

No, you are not from here!

Where do you think I am from then?

Loving women and lesbians are made and bred here… motherfucker!

With mothers and fathers who love and cherish,

Brothers and sisters who adorn their love,

So you see we have always been here!

A generation over and years have gone we are still here.

They were here too and left us here, generations to come.

A whole generation is in the making, and like the ancestors before,

another gendernation will live!

We live the rest of us as they did before us- here too.

So like I said we have always been here.

You look at me with some kind of an attitude!

I don’t have to explain to you who I am?

Because you don’t get to ask questions, you don’t want answers for!

So like I said we have always been here and belong.

Now where do you belong with such ass shit attitude?

You hate so bad, where are you from?

Queercide, and genocide on my brothers and sisters- you are pathetic!

Your hate speech and nasty attitude don’t belong for sure!

Because, like I said we were always here and you were not!

So I know you and you think you know me, now?

First erase that attitude and listen…

See my humanness, kindness, love,

Tolerance towards even your ugly vibe towards me and my sisters,brothers and us all.

So then when you can hear me and be well then we can speak our love and where we going.

Because we have always been here and we are not going anywhere…

By Glenda Tambu Muzenda

© 2013-11-25