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There are a lot of men out there, out there as in far far away, who are with their actions fighting the patriarchy, in danger of their lives. (yes, also a lot of women, but this piece is about men for a change 🙂  For instance, this is really great.

While in this arrogant country I live in, where 95% isn’t even aware of the patriarchy, where sexism and inequality are an everyday thing, I have to listen to my own little nephew who doesn’t want to wear his sweater anymore, because he saw a girl wearing it the other week. Where my other nephew is offended because someone mentioned he looked like my mother when she was young.  I can only think ‘where do we ever get the nerve to point the finger at other cultures about women’s rights or inequality?’ When these little white boys are manipulated by our own society and still made to believe that femininity equals weakness, that looking in the slightest bit ‘like a woman’ is to be avoided in every way. I say people from other cultures have every right to point the finger back. We are not doing it right. We just believe we are. Our white western prerogative.

kurdish feminism