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603286-switcheroo Switcheroo-benny-lauren-13 switcheroo-hana-pesut-7

Canadian photographer Hana Pesut made this dual portrait project called: Switcheroo. Have a look at the rest of her genderbending pictures here. I’m used to seeing genderbending womyn, if you can call butches that,  but I love the way the guys look with the other clothes on! 

The idea was born on a camping trip, when Pesut decided to photograph two of her friends who were dressed very differently: “One was wearing tie-dye, sequins, leopard print, lots of silk scarves. Everything was very bright and colorful. The other was wearing black jeans and a black T-shirt. I thought it would be fun if they switched outfits and I decided to take before and after photos”,- said Hana.

The result is a playful series that invites discussion and reflection on gender norms. Some of the couples accentuate the switch by matching each other’s poses in the before-and-after shots. Do all of them really look “wrong” in the swapped photographs?

Pesut is a self-taught photographer from a small Canadian mountain town. Since embarking on her ‘Switcharoo’ series in 2010, however, she has traveled round the globe, met hundreds of beautiful people, gained world wide recognition and published a book. ( text taken from: Bored Panda.org)