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drag berlin black&white

I watched Venus boyz tonight, (yes, finally!) a documentary from Gabriel Baur about dragkings, dragqueens, genderqueers, their personal stories, their lives, their struggles in the binary system. I dragged with my friends some years ago in Berlin (that’s my picture) and in London. Not performing, just dressing up, putting the hair on (it took hours) and going out with my friends. I liked it very much, but it didn’t make me feel that different inside, it felt quite natural for me. In Venus Boyz Del LaGrace Vulcano says dressing up as a woman makes her feel more like a drag then being a drag king, I can relate to that totally. 

Being a drag king did change something though, because I realized I felt very attracted to other drag kings. This attraction to female masculinity was new to me, since I thought I was only attracted to femmes. I think I changed since the first time I dragged, even though it’s only 4 years ago, I’m much more aware of my own desires and more grounded in my identity as a butch. I love to watch these dragkings and queens,who refuse to fit in a certain gender box and who have to walk their own road to find the best way to feel good with themselves. My heart goes out to them, because I know it’s a hard road for all those who don’t want to fit in the system.