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Squint against harsh light
all shades blend
distinction a mass of loss
diversity a wash with only what is visible
prescribed in ordinary, naturally reflected green
labeled, categorized, common,
purple, red and brown separated out
numbered wavelength 510
wedged between blue and yellow
trying to blend out indigo and orange.

I have to consciously see the succulent
green, lightly speckled,
dark nourishing tea green,
verdant knowledgeable snake green,
relaxing turtle shell green,
the dark almost black of shadow green,
and poplar green fractal leaves,
off the Berkshires’ roof
surrounded with a thousand shades of green.

Nourishing and threatening
cracking thunder voices bring
a sunlit rainbow hue of green
Water drowning seedlings
with nutrients and advice
washing away the dirty,
earth arid in the sunbeam

Each individual leaf there witness,
to judge and serve the diversity in
a thousand shades of green.

-Kimberley Burnham-