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Marxist Queen

We have seen Russia’s anti-gay law pass almost unanimously in the Duma this year, and resistance to continuing attacks on LGBTQ people, have been met with the boots and fists of the Russian police, and anti-gay supporters. However there is a context missing from an awful lot of mainstream reporting around the rapid escalation of homophobia and transphobia in Russia.

The anti-gay law is not just another law that seeks to villify LGBTQ people and their very existence, but this move by regime is a capitulation to Russian neo-Nazi organisations to further terrorise LGBTQ people. Police complicity with fascists already has a history in Russia and Putin’s regime has sponsored nationalists in the Rodina party, and the neo-nazi Nashi youth organisation to attack and discredit challenges to the regime from the Communist Party and Russian youth. From watching videos of the recent attacks on LGBTQ people, police often stand back…

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