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I’m a real shirt-butch, I like my body best when wearing a nice fitting shirt and I do think you can never have enough shirts in your closet 🙂  I try and buy not too many new ones, but especially in sales-time that’s really hard for me. Since I spend most of my time in my girl’s house my shirts are too. Last weekend she got me more space for my shirts by rearranging two upstairs rooms, making one room into a walk-in closet. With lots of little hangers for all my shirts! And jackets, and ties…that’s real butch appreciation…

There’s also room for lots of shoes. I was never very picky with shoes, wearing most of the time my hiking shoes and having only one other pair of fairly decent shoes. My fudgy girl on the other hand loves shoes, especially ( I would say) the posh ones, the shiny leather pointed nose shoes. These are mostly shoes for guys. She has quite small feet and is very sad she can’t find these shoes in her size. I have size 7 so I most of the time fit the smallest men size. Lucky me. Because she got me a pair of those posh shoes and I really love them. Hiking shoes time is over. I’m a shirt and shoes butch now…