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“Indifference is the essence of inhumanity” -George Bernard Shaw-

Today I signed a petition on Facebook to try and change the Dutch asylum laws. Which is as inhumane as in any other European country, so I don’t have a lot of hope anything will change anyway. I was so stupid to read the comments on the page about the petition. I’m never prepared for these things. I’m never prepared to  believe that so many people can say such hateful, racist, nationalist, even fascist, utterly evil things about other humans, who just happened to be born in another place on Earth. Their words hurt me deeply and make me sad. I realize there is no use talking with these people, there’s no use in trying to discuss with them about human rights, because they don’t believe in human rights. They are indifferent to suffering of others, indifferent to anything happening outside of their little world. They can’t imagine it could be them, that it’s just a toss of the dice where you are born. What life you will have because of that. They don’t see that it could even happen to them, they could be the ones knocking on another door for help, if the situation was different. If I would be mean (which I’m not) I would wish it to them. I would wish the persons who wrote all the awful comments about refugees, that they would be persecuted just because of voting for the wrong political party, or tortured in a silly war, or hanged for being gay, or just to live in poverty and no hope of a better future for their whole life. 

I’m naive. I always had trouble believing people can be really mean. Even now, having reached 40, I’m still deeply shocked by the indifference towards the faith of other human beings. It always takes me time to shake of this gloomy mood, to change these dark thoughts about my fellow human beings and to try and keep believing in a better world. To imagine still. Some days that’s really hard.