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Sexist behavior can be seen every day. At least, if you want to see it and I know lots of people just don’t want to or who trivialize the whole issue of sexism. Last weekend I witnessed a classic case of sexist behavior. I was traveling on the subway in Prague with my girlfriend, there was also a loud group of young guys standing at some distance from us. I realized at some time that one of the guys  focused his attention towards a girl sitting down. First he tried to get her attention by staring at her from very close for some time, but when she tried to ignore him, he started to make remarks about her appearance. I think it was the first time I saw such a denigrating behavior towards a woman in public and never having been the victim myself, I realized for the first time how violating it must be to be the subject of sexist remarks. The incident took only some minutes and the guys got off the subway before I could step up to the asshole and get myself into trouble. I realized only afterwards some of the people standing around just sort of smiled at the whole scene. Like there was some romantic scene going on and he was just being a charmer instead of a sexist prick. I guess one of his friends also came to that conclusion and tried after some minutes to pull his friend away and then they got off.

I’m a gentleman butch myself and I know there are also butches who think it’s cool to behave in a sexist way towards women, like some men do to. Try and imagine how it would feel to be treated like this yourself. Or if that is too difficult, imagine someone treats your mother like that, or your little sister, or your girlfriend, would you stand for it? Would you like it, if they stared incessantly at her the whole time, trying to get her attention, saying they want to marry her, be her girlfriend, that she has such nice legs… I guess not. Nobody has the right to behave like that. Stop being a jerk and what is just as important: stop defending jerk behavior.

I’m glad that there are also men that don’t blame women for ‘not being able to take a compliment’ or even denying the enormity of the problem, but that they decided to do something about it, like starting the ‘ men can stop rape’ campaign. 

stop being a jerk