63-Graffiti-de-Belin-e-Anarkia-Boladona-2012Domestic violence is common in Brazil, statistics say that every five minutes a woman is being beaten. In most cases by their husbands, boyfriends, family members or ex-partners. Graffiti artist Anarkia Boladona uses her art to fight against violence against women and to promote women’s rights. Her murals portray a world of gender equality and sexual freedom. Because they are painted in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, the message of women’s rights reaches even the poorest women. Most of these women know nothing of academic feminism and if they do, they probably don’t have any acces to it, but they cán be reached with this more popular way of expressing feminism.


Anarkia defines herself as a ‘new feminist’ and explains what that means for her : “We have advanced so much that our fight is no longer over for example not to explore the body image, but to use your body the way you want, even exposing it. We have the option of working with our brain, our body, in any way that we please.”


I must admit, her art is a bit too flowery and colorfull for me, and her painted women a whee bit too feminine, since I’m more into the radical dyke feminist style myself, but I admire very much what she tries to achieve with her art. As a female street artist in the men dominated ‘pichadores’ street art world it must be a tough job and with this she sets a great example for other young women.